This Is Our Online Casino Review Criteria

Safety and Security

Your hard earned money and your privacy are the most important things that have to be considered. Our team checks for credible, independent licensing, security features and good encryption on data.

Rewards, Bonuses and Promotions

This is the core of online casino gaming – the rewards, bonuses and promotions. Our pool of experts thoroughly review these aspects of the online casino to check its legitimacy

Banking and Payment Schemes

Payouts, rewards and bonuses are almost always released through the player’s bank account. Our experts check the procedure of the online casino in terms of releasing the money/cash prizes to the players. The more efficient their process is, the better.

Customer Service

Customer service plays a very important role in the online casino gaming experience. This has to be one of the most important criteria when reviewing an online casino.


With the wide range of mobile usage, it is only fitting that online casinos should be readily available and accessible through mobile devices. The more accessible it is, the better.

Watch Out For The Online Casino Red Flags

Sad to say, there are online casinos that are not good for you! How do you know? Check these common red flags

Make sure that you are careful about these red flags. You have to protect your security and your money at all costs.