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Common Gambling Superstitions You Need To Know

People across the world believe what they choose to believe. This may be a result of things they hear or see. Or simply a way to take back control when faced with pressure or uncertainty.

Gambling superstitions have been around for a while and looks like it won’t go away any time soon.

Some gamblers believe in their talent and skills to win a game, while others solely rely on supernatural influences and good luck to help them win.

While it may sound ridiculous to people who are not into superstitious beliefs, some people actually swear by it. 

Here are some of the most common good and bad luck gambling superstitions you may encounter.

Bad Luck Superstitions

  1. Numbers 4 and 13

Different cultures have different numbers that are deemed to be notorious. In Western culture, it’s the number 13. In China, it’s number 4 because when pronounced it sounds like the word “death.” The word book is also unwelcomed in the casino table as it sounds like “lose” in Mandarin. 

  1. Crossing your legs

It is not advisable to cross your legs when placing a bet as it is believed to be crossing out your good luck.

  1. Counting money at the table

Counting money before the game is over or immediately afterwards is distasteful. It is insensitive to fellow gamblers who are down on their luck, and many believe that pride comes before a fall.

It is best to count your winnings when you’re outside the casino as you are more likely to hold on to your winnings that way.

  1. Whistling while playing

This superstition originated way back when sailors were not allowed to whistle onboard a ship as it was thought to encourage the winds to blow harder. Whistling while playing is also believed to bring bad luck; and beyond a gambling superstition, whistling can be annoying for your fellow gamblers and should be avoided as an act of courtesy.

Good Luck Superstitions

  1. Blowing on the dice

Legend has it that dishonest gamblers used to coat one side of the dice with a sticky substance that can be activated with moisture. When you blow the dice before rolling, it will land in the way you wanted. While this is purely superstition, it is not uncommon to see this being practiced.

  1. Wearing red at the casino

Red is a lucky color in Chinese culture and represents wealth, luck, and joy. This perceived luck associated with red is the reason why many gamblers wear a red article of clothing hoping it will increase their chances of winning. 

  1. Lucky charms

Many gamblers believe they need to bring certain clothes, jewelry or other accessories to bring good luck with them when they walk into the casino

  1. Knocking on wood and other rituals

Some gamblers perform their own rituals to attract good luck. Some of the popular ones include finger crossing, knocking on wood and stacking chips in a certain way.

Most gambling superstitions are just that, superstitions. There is no way to prove if they’re right or wrong. It varies across cultures, age groups and ethnic backgrounds. Always remember that gambling is about having fun. Gambling superstitions are here to spice things up and add some fun to your gambling experience.

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