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How to Manage Multiple Gambling Accounts

The thought of handling multiple gambling accounts at the same time can be stressful. Sticking to one seems the right thing to do. While one account definitely sounds easier, it also means you’re denying yourself different promotional offers given by other online casinos. 

The best reason for opening multiple accounts is to get better value for your money and enjoy a more fun casino experience in general. You can maximize the profits or strike bets from different online casino operators when the opportunity rises.

So what do you do after opening multiple gambling accounts? We will show you how to manage your accounts so you can fully enjoy its advantages and reduce the downsides associated with it.

  1. Avoid Using Same Passwords for Multiple Accounts

Admittedly, using one password for all accounts is easier to manage. You don’t have to worry about getting passwords mixed up or forgetting it. However, this can be dangerous if one of your accounts gets compromised. Always have different passwords so you can eliminate this worry. As for remembering your passwords, you can always make use of password managers to keep track of all of it.

Invest some time to set up your accounts’ security so you won’t have to worry about online theft. 

  1. Manage Your Bankroll

Always have a small stash of money across your multiple accounts. This is safer and allows you to always have some money available should there be any new promos you want to take advantage of. Sync all your gambling accounts with a bankroll you’re willing to lose.

  1. Have an Email Dedicated for Gambling

Since gambling involves real money, it’s necessary to keep your accounts safe from online theft. Make use of a separate email specifically for your gambling needs. If you can create multiple emails to have multiple accounts at the same casino too, but make sure you’re using different identities to avoid getting banned. Also avoid using your regular email for gambling activities. Your gambling email must be something no one knows about or should not be used for anything other than for gambling purposes. This can reduce the chances of hackers targeting your account significantly.

  1. Only Sign Up with Secure Gambling Sites

With so many online casinos around, it’s necessary to scrutinize the website before signing up. A good, reputable casino will know how to take care of its customers by ensuring extra layers of online protection to prevent scams and fraud.

  1. Know How the Casino Works Through Its Trial Version

See if you really like the casino through its trial version. If the online casino is as trustworthy as it sounds, then you can decide to sign up later on.


Signing up for multiple accounts is okay, as long as it’s not in the same casino as data overlap can be easily detected and you may get banned. This kind of risk is not worth taking. It’s best to sign up with multiple casinos so you get to have the best promos they have to offer without compromising your online safety.

When you know how to manage multiple gambling accounts, you not only get the maximum benefits from an online casino, but you can also save yourself from any financial troubles and create a memorable online casino experience.

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