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Popular E-sports Games You Can Bet On

E-sports is continuously rising in popularity over the past decade. Esports is a form of competition where multiplayers engage in a video game tournament. You can find various genres in esports such as shooter games, adventure games and arena. As the esports tournaments get bigger, the online casino industry is starting to include esports betting in their menus to attract gamers and punters who are interested in making profits from their favorite games.

Here are some of the top esports games you can bet on.

  1. FIFA World Cup

Football is one of the most popular sports in the world so it’s only natural that this should not be missing in the esports game list. All the major aspects of football are featured so you won’t have to worry about limited betting options. Betting options vary, which may include predicting the outcome of a match, a player’s performance, the number of goals scored, or the total number of fouls committed. The format and the rules of each match may vary but overall, it’s relatively similar to real-world soccer matches.

  1. PubG

Since being released in 2017, PubG has continued to gain popularity and has become a solid esports choice for players around the world. The game is composed of two teams where players engage in a multiplayer battle royale genre. The main goal is to shoot and kill opponents while avoiding death.

  1. Call of Duty

This first-person shooter game is an intense and famous esports game that is often played in professional tournaments. This game has one goal in mind: don’t get killed. You bet on players or teams who will emerge victorious against their competitors. It is best if you do your research about the individual members of the team so you know how they perform. When you’re aware of their abilities, you will be more capable of making the right decision when making a bet.

  1. Valorant

This is a first-person shooter esports game with a large professional scene. The game is composed of an attacking team and a defending team. Its major game mode is just like Counter-Striker: Global Offensive where the attacking team needs to plant and detonate a bomb while the defending team avoids it. Players can bet on which team will win or how many rounds a team can win, and many more aspects.

  1. Fortnite

This is a battle royale type of video game where players compete to be the last one or last team standing. It is an organized competitive play using the Fortnite video game. Developers of this game usually organize Fortnite Tournaments which can be held online or offline with solo players and teams competing against each other.


Millions of people worldwide are embracing esports as a new form of entertainment. Professional players and teams compete in leagues and international tournaments for large prizes and other rewards. If you want to add some thrill to your gaming session and make some money in the process, betting on esports is a fun activity you can engage in. It’s important to note that esports, like any form of gambling, comes with risks. Always gamble responsibly and bet only with money you can afford to lose.

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