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Gambling trends to look forward to this 2022

Online gambling has seen a significant rise in its usage especially since the global pandemic lockdown. While being in isolation, people has found ways to get entertained and earn online, gambling was one of them.

The online gambling industry has continued to win big through the years, and with digitalization, gamblers can expect a lot more changes. It’s important to know the gambling trends this year 2022 so it will be easier for you to explore different betting options and make better money.

  1. Use of cryptocurrency

The gambling industry is slowly adapting to the use of blockchain technology. Because of the smooth, hassle-free and safety features of cryptocurrency, there has been a rise in the number of cryptocurrency users in online gambling. 

Digital currencies such as Ethereum and Bitcoin are now replacing some fiat currency as the preferred payment method. This is largely due to the fact that cryptocurrency offers anonymity, real-time processing and almost zero transaction fees.

While cryptocurrencies are still far from being mainstream, it is one trend that gamblers should watch out for this year.

  1. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Integration

Facebook has recently modified its name to Meta and employs augmented and virtual reality as its essential counterparts. The use of AR/VR is one of the biggest online gambling trends, and it’s not surprising to see more digital experiences when it comes to online gambling. 

A lot of online gambling platforms make use of VR and AR at their live casinos and sportsbooks to provide their players with an immersive and more realistic playing experience. Because the advancement in online gambling is revolutionary, most new users are more compelled to choose playing games over other forms of entertainment.

  1. Wearables for online gambling

This is one of the more powerful trends that will make waves this year. Some online gambling companies have already introduced slot machine apps that you can play via Apple Watch. The accessibility plus the increased user awareness associated with wearables are the reason why more and more game developers are looking into adopting this trend.

This will even be more convenient and accessible than mobile gaming as it’s much closer to their bodies and players are less likely to be distracted by several apps.

  1. Birth of micro betting

This is technology-driven and is yet to gain popularity. There used to be a time when online gambling is all about huge bets and wins. But lately, traditional betting is losing its ground. The small in-play bets are all the rage nowadays.

For example, the sports betting industry is more into micro betting, such as who will score the next goal instead of predicting the number of goals during a match.

It’s expensive for micro bettors as micro bets are usually high in volume. And in order to get the most data, artificial intelligence (AI) is utilized to decide on outcomes and reports on results. However, the thrill and excitement that comes off it are often worth it.

  1. Social betting

Gambling has always been something most people would shy away from and a reason why gamblers would keep their gambling habits a secret. But times have changed, because most gamblers are now joining different communities where they can bet and socialize. 

There are different community betting options. One of which is the request bet where players can set up a betting pool, and other participants can add money. There is also a community where co-gamblers can challenge and comment on the bets made by other people.

Social betting is definitely one of the online betting trends that will see immense success in various markets around the world.

The online gambling industry will only continue to grow. While online gambling trends continue to change each year, you must take advantage and capitalize on it as these changes will revolutionize the industry for sure.

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