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Tips on How to Win At Roulette

Most players believe that roulette is one of the easiest games to play simply because it’s a game of chance and no skill is required to win. However, this wrong assumption led to most players losing to the house edge. 

You can actually increase your winning chances at a roulette game by knowing some strategies and having a keen eye for details.

We will discuss with you some simple yet effective tips for winning at a roulette table.

  1. Place multiple corner bets

Start the game by placing several corner bets. You will see a screen showing the most recent winning numbers, place a bet on the corner that covers that number. Corner bets cover considerably more numbers so there is a higher chance of winning. Take note that the payout is also smaller, but this is still the safer option.

  1. Stay away from single number bets

While winning single number bets has a higher payout, the odd of winning is grim. Stick to betting on numbers which have higher odds of winning.

  1. Start big

You don’t need to bet on single numbers to make money in a roulette table. You could start by playing low-risk high odds bet like black or red and odd or even bets. Yes, the payouts are generally low, however you can always try to double your investment and focus on betting on the high-risk inside bets instead.

  1. Stick to the table minimum

The best advice for a novice casino roulette player is to focus solely on the outside bets while sticking to the table minimum. By placing bets on red or black and odd or even, you have higher chances of winning while covering 18/38 possible combinations.

  1. The Martingale strategy

This strategy is based on the premise that players will win eventually. This has been an all-time favorite amongst Roulette enthusiasts. The rule is you must double your wager every time you lose a hand. The purpose is to win back all your previous losses with a single win or at least break even.

If you plan to play for a significant period of time, better find a table with low minimum bet and stick to red or black throughout the game.

  1. Fibonacci

This is one of the most secure roulette strategies. Employ this strategy if you consider yourself a conservative player. This is based on the well-known Fibonacci numbers, where each sequence of numbers is the sum of the two preceding numbers.

You begin the game by placing a minimum bet, once you win, increase by one. If you emerge a victor once again, double your wager and so on. Once a player loses his hand, the minimum bet is reinstated, and the play continues.

  1. The Bond strategy

You need a healthy bankroll for this 007 strategy. This is a combination method where three different bets are made each time. By using this combination, you cover more possible outcomes and minimize the chances of losing. 

  1. Know when to stop

No matter which strategy you end up using, if you do not know when to hit the brakes, you will increase your possibility of losing. Always be prepared with losing money when gambling. We do not mean to discourage you, but we do highly suggest for you to be wary of your gambling habits.

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